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Nail Salon Sarasota – Why Cleanliness Should Top the List

Sarasota Nail SalonThere are a lot of nail salon Sarasota but how do you know the right one for you.  You will agree with me that the first and most important item on your list should be to find one that is registered.  It’s quite easy to do so.  The law requires that a copy of the license should be on the wall and if not, there is no harm in asking to see their license.    The second item you should consider is to check on the level of their cleanliness.  There are a lot of things to look for when it comes to cleanliness which will include the following:-

  • A clean salon should not have any odor at all.  Unpleasant odor is not a very good sign if you are looking for a clean place.
  • The tables and floor should be sparkling with no signs of clipped nails all over.
  • Proper sanitation should be put in place by the staff there.
  • They should have a good customer service. This should include calling customers to find if their appointment is still on to avoid overbooking.
  • Your nail technicians should be friendly and understanding as this is not a one day job.
  • It is also important to take note of how the sterilize the equipments they used just to name a few.

If you are not sure of the procedure, the nail technician is the right person to give you an explanation of the procedure, what to expect and how long it will take.  During the discussion he/she should also indicate the kinds of products used and if possible how much it will cost you.  With such information in your fingertips, it would be virtually impossible not to make a choice regarding nail salon Sarasota.   In case you are not comfortable with using the instruments in the salon, you still can chose to bring your own.  A lot of people do that.

Please also check around to see if the manicurist washes their hands before handling a client.  This is routine and should not be ignored.  Remember your safety depends on their hands and despite you paying; you should be able to find equal service that will make you want to come back again over and over.  If for one reason or another you do not like how you are handled or how services have been offered, be free to speak your mind.  Not only will it help you but other customers along the way.

Nail Salon Sarasota Etiquette Tips

Nail Salon SarasotaJust like you, most people in the nail salon paid to be there. Some of them have a lot of personal problems while others come from societies that respect privacy. As such, always learn to stay classy and show respect to everyone around in the salon you as discussed below.


Be polite to everyone

No matter how rich or impatient you are, learn to respect the manicurist and client seated next to you. When you have a request or nagging issue in mind, raise it to your specialist with a lot respect. Being rude only makes the manicurist hate you, and some of them might even fix the issues you raised poorly if they get angry. Remember that paying for a service doesn’t make you their boss, but a customer like any other who comes and leaves the nail salon in Sarasota Florida.


Take a shower before the nail job

It should be obvious, right? But just as a reminder, take a shower before visiting a place full of people to have your nails done. Going with your feet dusty and sweaty to a beautician displays a bad image about yourself; and after all cleaning yourself only takes minutes. On the other hand, most manicurists appreciate it when you appear to them with clean nails, because it makes their work easier and quicker.


Keep your phone conversations at minimum

While it is not bad to pick a phone from a friend as your feet are getting waxed, consistent talks on the phone disrupts the manicurists, and at time other clients find it offending. If you must chat, use text messages or social media networks but always remember to put the phone on vibration mode. Again, remember that most people around you are there to relax besides getting their nails done, and as such give them the respect they deserve.


Don’t tell people your personal issues

You are in a public place and not in a psychologist’s room and as such, keep your personal problems personal. A lot of people around you might have their problems as well, but very few of them speak about them. Remember that the nail Sarasota University parkway Florida you are in is full of strangers, and some of them might not be the good Samaritans you were hoping for. Finally, always take care of your bags as much as possible and keep them in a manner that does not cover other people’s bags as well.

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